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Dog Bark Collar

Dog Bark Collar

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Small Dog Bark Collar

Style A

Ultrasonic Training Collar for Dogs

Bark Stopper Collar - GROOMY

Behavioural Training

A safe and effective solution for correcting bad doggy barking habits. With 100% humane and safe design, the collar uses vibrations to reinforce good behavior.

Bark Stopper Collar - GROOMY

Long Lasting

The GROOMY brand's Anti-Bark Collar for Small Dogs is rechargeable, eliminating the need for battery replacements. With just 1-1.5 hours of charging via USB, the collar can hold a charge for up to 14 days.

Bark Stopper Collar - GROOMY
Bark Stopper Collar - GROOMY
Bark Stopper Collar - GROOMY


With its weather-resistant design, the collar is resistant to rain, snow, and mud splashes, allowing you to walk your pet in any weather. It's also suitable as a stop barking collar for small dogs for all-day use. 

Bark Stopper Collar - GROOMY

Rechargeable and Easy to Use

Introducing the GROOMY brand's Rechargeable Anti-Bark Collar for Small Dogs. In just 2 hours, the collar can be fully charged and holds a charge for up to 12 days, making it convenient and hassle-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the collar not work when the dog barks?

A: There may be three reasons for this problem. The first is that the trigger sensitivity is not high enough, so try to increase the trigger sensitivity. Second, the probe does not touch the skin, so try to adjust the belt tightness to ensure good skin contact. Third, the training level is not high enough, so try to increase the training level.

Q: is the bark control collar safe and humane?

A: All training methods will not cause any direct harm to the pet's body, but make them feel extremely uncomfortable. But even so, do not overuse this product on pets. Please refer to all WARNING and CAUTION contents in the manual.

Q: Other dog barking sounds or other ambient noise can trigger the collar.

A: it is possible, but the probability is very low. we optimized the dog barking waveform recognition technology to enhance the ability to resist false triggers. If a false trigger occurs, please adjust the sensitivity setting appropriately.

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