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Quick Release Dog Collar w/ AirTag Holder & LED Light

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Quick Release Dog Collar

AirTag Holder & LED Light

Quick Release Dog Collar w/ AirTag Holder & LED Light | GROOMY

LED Waterproof Quick Release Collar with AirTag Holder: The bright light has three modes: blink, speedy blink, and solid. Ideal for making sure your dog is spotted when out on a stroll in the morning or at night. Keep your dog secure at all times with our best airtag holder for dogs!

Quick Release Dog Collar w/ AirTag Holder & LED Light | GROOMY

AirTag Quick Release Buckle: Our best airtag dog collar is made specifically for Apple AirTag and won't disrupt the AirTag signal. Since the air tag dog collar holder can securely fasten the AirTag and the AirTag to the pet collar without moving, there is no need to worry about the AirTag falling out.

Quick Release Dog Collar w/ AirTag Holder & LED Light | GROOMY

Rechargeable & Durable Light Up Dog Collar: Our airtag dog collars quickly charges. It takes less than two hours to fully charge, and it may run for between eight and twelve hours. Our dog collar is more durable and less prone to rip since it is constructed of high-quality materials.

Quick Release Dog Collar w/ AirTag Holder & LED Light | GROOMY

3 Size Available Collars for Large to Small Dogs: With adjustable lengths, our dog collars with airtag holder come in 3 sizes that can fit all small, medium-sized, and big dogs. Please measure the size of your dog's neck before making a purchase.



Compatible with AirTag 

Are you looking for a dog collars with airtag holder? Are you always concerned about the safety of your beloved pets? Do you get exhausted every time you walk your dog? How do you construct a dog collar AirTag holder?

This waterproof airtag dog collars will save you time and keep your dogs safe at all times and in any location.

The airtag holder for dog for Keeping Your Dog Safe with Apple's AirTag Technology on Your Smartphone Within 30 seconds, you may install and put your Apple AirTag into the holder.

Airtag holder for dog is the most dependable and innovative tracker available. There are several colours to choose from, as well as collar sizes ranging from tiny to giant dogs and cats.

With a strong air tag holder for dog collar, our collar fastened the AirTag in a unique way. With GROOMY's AirTag Collar and Apple's technology, you'll never miss your dogs again.


Must-Have Item

AirTag Dog Collar

- What is AirTag?

Apple's newest and best tracking system is called AirTag.

With AirTag, you can track anything by attaching it to the "Find My" network (the same platform used to locate missing iPhones or PCs).

For the AirTag setup, you'll also need an iPhone or iPad Touch.


- Does the AirTag Dog Collar include an Apple AirTag?

No, even though our product is the ideal AirTag attachment for your dog, you must buy the AirTag separately.

Soon after you make a purchase with us, we'll provide you a link to the item so you may purchase one straight from Apple.


- How does AirTag function?

Air tag holder for dog collar uses Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) to communicate its position to other wireless devices, such as PCs and smartphones.

The majority of smartphones (Android and iOS) can recognize Bluetooth and NFC signals since they are globally recognized signals.

Setting the AirTag to lost mode and waiting for an NFC-capable device to pick up the signal will allow owners of the AirTag to trace a lost bag, a missing pair of keys, or even a lost pet.

When that occurs, a signal is sent to you over Apple's "Find My" network so you may locate your misplaced item (or pet).

Any Apple device that is linked to the internet may access the "Find My" network.


- Why can't I attach my AirTag to my dog's current collar using a keychain or a detachable pet tag?

You may! Apple offers baggage tags, bag charms, and key rings for you to use in attaching your AirTag to your goods. AirTag holders are also available on Amazon and Etsy.

However, we wanted to create something that we would wear on our own dogs, so we knew that relying on a keychain to keep our beloved pets safe and the pet airtag holder intact was not the greatest solution.

Our pet airtag holder and collar is made with high-quality components and is particularly intended to keep your dog safe. It looks fantastic, is as durable as nails, and secures the AirTag in the safest manner imaginable.

Additionally, since it is hanging from the collar, your AirTag won't become dirty or fall into the water bowl!


Quick Release Dog Collar w/ AirTag Holder & LED Light

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